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  • Touched
    VAST && Visual Audio Sensory Theater
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    VAST // Touched

    the razors and the dying roses
    plead i don’t leave you alone
    the demigods and hungry ghosts
    oh god, god knows i’m not at home

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  • whispers if you send asks about my dumb story i will love you forever

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  • Ain't No Sunshine
    Coeur de Pirate && Trauma
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  • sparrf:

the return of butterfly cat


    the return of butterfly cat

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  • Gerudo Valley Flamenco Mix
    The Legend of Zelda && Ocarina of Time
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    hands down the best rendition of the song I’ve ever heard

    credit under the cut

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  • I’m at a friends and his dad is upstairs watching the game and we’re in the basement and we just hear in some booming voice from the ceiling

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  • typette:

    so earlier today I found a program called PlantStudio which is abandonware from a small studio in 1999. It’s no longer updated, but it runs perfectly fine on modern machines. It allows you to generate flowers! Essentially, you provide a bunch of parameters like number of petals, how the leaves arrange themselves, the shape of the leaves or petals, and other things (you can mess with them later) and generate a pretty flower in 3D. They’re not spectacular renderings, mostly they’re on the level of Google Sketchup- but as you can see, they’re very pretty! You can “randomize” them so they look a little different, and make a boquet of roses, or a bunch of wildflowers, or ivy, or dandelions, whatever you like. When you first open it up, you go “Plant>Create New”, which will walk you through a wizard where you just answer some questions. You can later enter the very detailed specifications for the flower and change them later. Above are examples of what you can do if you just shoop it a little bit :P 

    You can also go to their website, and download preset plant files, for real-life flowers if you like, and generate some of those. You put all these generated flowers into your main window, arrange/rotate them, and there you go!

    It’s free to use, provided you register with the free name/PIN they provide you with. 

    Download it here. Register it here. Lots of cool flower presets here. And a quick over-view here.

    enjoy :B

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  • officialdaddyegbert:


    Tiny Worlds in a Bottle


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  • ruinedchildhood:

    Bikini Bottom just got real..

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  • that-one-uke said:

    You know my name .3.

    N-Nattopett, Detektivebryan

    O-Oh Heartland, Up Yours!, Owen Pallet

    R- Raining in Baltimore, Counting Crows

    A- All At Once, The Fray

    ((ok if i fucked up your name im really sorry but im REALLY bad at names))

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